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The Biggest Loser Resort is an ideal fitness and health resort destination that understands the importance of relaxation after the day's activities. There are many wonderful services and benefits included in the resort rate but you are also welcome to add private nutrition consultations, private training sessions and spa treatments for an additional cost at any time during your stay.


Our weight loss centers offer Private, Semi-Private, and Double Occupancy accommodations, and all feature extensive amenities as listed below. Some of our resort locations offer Triple and Quad accommodations, as well. Please call for more information about our weight loss centers. We do offer multi-week discounts, so the more weeks you stay, the better the rate. Your weeks do not have to be consecutive: they can be spread out over the course of 12 months. Off-site accommodations are available at some of our resorts, but you are responsible for said accommodations. Please call Biggest Loser Resort Reservations with any questions you may have regarding your upcoming stay: .

The Biggest Loser Resort Rates


Our brand-new weight loss center in Chicago is now open to the public, armed with a professional staff, luxurious amenities, and a stunningly beautiful backdrop. Experience the future of weight loss at The Biggest Loser Resort Chicago.


Private: 1-3 weeks: $2,995/wk, 4 - 7 weeks: $2,800/wk, 8+ weeks: $2,700/wk
Double Occupancy: 1-3 weeks: $2,445/wk, 4 - 7 weeks: $2,400/wk, 8+ weeks: $2,300/wk
Town Program: 1-3 weeks: $2,295, 4 - 7 weeks: $2,100, 8+ weeks: $2,000

Pricing does not include taxes.




Reclaim your inner strength and transform your life today at The Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu, California. Located just miles from the beach in a secluded, relaxing area, this weight loss resort and spa is the ideal location for pure relaxation and results-driven weight loss. Take control of your life today, at one of our most popular weight loss centers.


Private: 1-3 weeks: $2,995/wk, 4 - 7 weeks: $2,800/wk, 8+weeks: $2,700/wk
Semi-Private: 1-3 weeks: $2,895/wk4 - 7 weeks: $2,700/wk8+ weeks: $2,600/wk
Town Program: 1-3 weeks: $2,295/wk, 4 - 7 weeks: $2,100/wk, 8+ weeks: $2,000/wk
*Pricing does not include taxes.

For reservations call:




The Biggest Loser Resort Niagara features one of our most breathtaking backdrops, complete with its own private lake. At this New York-based weight loss resort, the scenic setting, motivational trainers, and crisp, fresh air combine to create the perfect environment for reclaiming the "power of you."   

Private 310 sq. ft: 1-3 weeks: $2,995/wk, 4 - 7 weeks: $2,800/wk, 8+weeks: $2,700/wk 
Private Villa 310 sq. ft: 1-3 weeks: $3,295/wk, 4 - 7 weeks: $3,100/wk, 8+ weeks: $3,000/wk  
Double Occupancy 350 sq. ft: 1-3 weeks: $2,445/wk, 4 - 7 weeks: $2,400/wk, 8+ weeks: $2,300/wk
Double Occupancy Villa 400 sq. ft: 1-3 weeks: $2,745/wk, 4 - 7 weeks: $2,550/wk, 8+ weeks: $2,450/wk
Pricing does not include taxes

To Reserve your stay at one of our award-winning weight loss centers, please call:

A 10% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking your reservation and the remaining balance is due two weeks prior to your scheduled arrival. The rates above do not include a combined hotel and sales tax which will be included at time of purchase. For questions, please call the reservations team at or send an email to

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