Ann Marie Paixao-Pauk

 Ann-Marie-Paixao-Pauk-BeforeAnn-Marie-Paixao-Pauk-AfterAnn-Marie-Paixao-Pauk-After-2“OMG. It was transformative. I can not begin to tell you how worth-it it was. The last number of years of care-giving for my mom & dad, and dealing with my own chronic health issues, left me neglecting my own health. I gained over 65 lbs. the last number of years, not to mention the mental toll it`s taken on me and my relationships with others.

I started watching Biggest Loser about 3 years ago and could relate to the contestants and their feeling of helplessness and lost hope. A few years ago, I noticed they would advertise the Ranch and I became a bit obsessed with finding out everything I could about their program. I started checking into it in great depth...I would read people's blogs and check out reviews about the resort. All blogs I had read, whether from guests wanting to lose 200 lbs. or just 15 lbs., all had nothing but wonderful things to say about every aspect of the program and the people running it. The more I read, the more convinced I was that I needed to go. It seemed like a pipe dream at the time but in my mind I really felt it was the right place.

Financially it was completely unfeasible for me to go, but after having a breakdown last Fall, my husband said ‘call the Ranch and make the reservation. We'll figure out the money somehow. Your health is worth more than money'

Before booking though, my husband asked me to be sure I was choosing the right spot. So, I proceeded to do a comparison research. Online I checked as many online health & wellness spas that I could find both in the U.S. and Canada. There wasn't anything that really compared. I wanted a controlled environment and I wanted to be fully immersed in good & consistent work outs and healthy eating. For what I wanted, I found that BLR was by far the best place for my needs - weight loss combined with top notch fitness staff, healthy meals & providing the tools to succeed at home. Incredibly BLR was also the most affordable. I say incredibly as you would think it would be more expensive just due to it's attachment to the tv show.You also might think that having anticipated this trip for over 2 years and having read nothing but great reviews it would seem somewhat likely that my expectations would be ridiculously high (which they were) and that I may be in for a bit of let-down. Instead, BLR exceeded all my expectations, and then some.

The staff is top-notch, the food is amazingly delicious and filling even though your living on approx. 1500 calories a day, the facility is gorgeous, the hiking is spectacular and an enormous part of what makes this place so very special, the people you meet will inspire, support, & encourage you and you'll remain friends after your visit which for me has been great support upon my return and even the bed linens are wonderful! lol

I would highly recommend this place to anyone, no matter what their fitness level and no matter what their goal. I would especially recommend it for those wanting to not just lose weight but gain self esteem, confidence and be provided with the most nonjudgmental, supportive, nourishing, warm, caring staff, & environment imaginable.

I can't say enough great stuff about this place. It will definitely get you off your butt...but it'll do so much more for you.

Most (but not all) people who go are overweight but all come home with such a great knowledge of why we've become this way and how to deal with the emotions that led us here. You learn how to really succeed at home. BLR transforms people mentally, the physical transformations are just the bonus!

I truly hope you can get there. If you can go, do it! It'll change your life.


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