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No. Our program is structured to include guests who come for a variety of reasons. The primary motivators are generally to lose substantial weight or to experience an active fitness getaway ─ while learning how to achieve and maintain overall wellness.

No. Our program accommodates men and women at all fitness levels. All you need to be is willing to try your best!

We accommodate teens in our program (ages 14 - 17) but they must be accompanied by an adult to all activities. Please note: Our resorts do not offer daycare services.

The program runs in 7-day cycles with the minimum stay being one week with mandatory check-in on Sunday. Guests are welcome to stay for as long as they wish - many guests stay for multiple weeks at a time.

The rates vary per resort location, accommodation choice and length of stay. For current rates, click here or call our friendly reservation team at 888-870-2639.

Your on-property stay is required at our Niagara location. At our Malibu location, you are welcome to commute in every day and there is a discounted rate on the program for those who choose this option. 

If you have to cancel or reschedule, we will hold your balance as a credit on file for a future stay for the period of one year. If you cancel or reschedule your stay within two weeks of arrival a $300 per week rescheduling fee will be applied. As a resort policy, we do not accept cancellations via email. You are required to call the reservations team at 888-870-2639 to request a cancellation or reschedule of your stay.

Your room features everything you need to relax and refresh after the day’s activities. Click here for a list of location-specific room features.

The facilities at each resort vary depending on it's unique location. For a complete list at your desired location, click here

Each resort features gym facilities with top-of-the-line equipment, spacious aerobics rooms with great sound systems to keep you motivated and a swimming pool for aquatic workouts. Some locations feature additional facilities such as tennis and/or basketball courts. For details on your desired location, click here or call our reservations team at 888-870-2639.


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