Eliane-beforeElaine-AfterI am a very busy stay at home mum with 5 children. I am also a foster care-giver so I often have 2 extra children at a time. I have been battling with my weight since I was about 10 years old. I have tried every diet group going and only ever managed to lose a few pounds. As the years went on I got heavier, more miserable, depressed, and became locked in the vicious cycle of emotional eating, lack of energy, and no exercise. I was basically eating my way into a wooden box. Finally, I decided I had to do something about it and get control of my life.

I had been looking online for somewhere I could go that would help me and finally came across The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge. As soon as I saw it I knew that this was exactly what I needed. So… with a little trepidation I booked my 12 week stay at the Utah resort. I was nervous, anxious, excited, and also relieved that I had finally done something that I hoped would make a difference. Having made my booking, I started trying to lose weight before going to Fitness Ridge and was successfully able to lose 30lbs.

Once at Fitness Ridge, I was not disappointed. It exceeded my expectations!!!! The hikes were amazing, with breath-taking views and fantastic hiking guides who encouraged us every step of the way. The trainers at the resort were exceptional. They pushed us when we needed it, gave credit where due, and often went above and beyond. I found so many new things I enjoyed doing and reconnected with things I had forgotten I enjoyed. From housekeeping to front desk, all the staff members were incredibly friendly and encouraging. The life coaching and counseling sessions were incredibly helpful and something I would never have thought of doing before I came to the resort. The lectures were invaluable. I learned so much about nutrition, portion sizes, and emotional eating to name but a few.

With the help and patience of the staff at the resort I became more confident. I also got stronger, became more fit, and began to believe in myself. I successfully lost a further 70lbs during my stay, bringing my total to over 100 pounds. I also lost a lot of inches. I am so much happier now I can do more and actually play with my kids. I have also learned to enjoy exercise – something I never expected to say.

This was the best investment in myself I could ever have made. It gave me time to focus on me and what I needed both inside and out.


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