Lisa-Merring-BeforeLisa-Merring-AfterEighteen short weeks ago I landed in LAX for a 'trip' I never expected to change my life the way it did. I spent seven grueling, but glorious days at The Biggest Loser Resort in lovely Malibu, CA where I learned to do things I never thought I could. I worked out harder than ever…and I ate clean, good food - at a caloric intake I could never have imagined.

When I left I was scared - worried I would go back to my 'old ways' like I always managed to. However, this time was different. I had made a huge investment in myself and learned I could work out for hours and actually survive! I learned strategies for eating, planning and dealing with 'life' in general. In one week!

Since then, I've achieved every goal I've set for myself. I can now sit on a plane without a seat belt extender. I've lost 42 pounds! My first goal was 40. I've gone down a couple of sizes. Now I'm headed for my next goals - lose 50 by my birthday. Well, that may not happen given that my birthday is in July, but I'll be closer than I was on my last birthday! I want to ride a roller coaster this summer, get down into a size that I can buy in the 'regular' section of a store (almost there!), go horseback riding, and continue on my journey.

Many people have told me I'm doing such a great job doing this 'on my own'. What they don't realize is I'm not on my own. I have an entire organization behind me - The Biggest Loser. You see, I had all of these tools presented to me in the past. But it wasn't until I spent focused time and energy at BLR that I realized I could do this. And now, when I have questions - I ask the trainers at The Biggest Loser Resort, other former guests, or I reference the many materials the resort provided. When I'm slipping or feeling like things aren't quite going my way, I have a whole network of support. I remember the trainers saying - just call us or email us. We'll respond. And most of them really do! I am counting the calories and pushing myself to go to the gym - but I would never have done it if I hadn't spent the time at BLR Malibu.

People are starting to notice, which is a great feeling. Thank you Biggest Loser Resort for helping me to get started and for your continued support. 

Lisa Merring


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