The Biggest Loser Resort Weight loss Program

The Biggest Loser Resort weight loss program takes an integrative and comprehensive approach to your overall health and wellness through a combined emphasis on physical fitness, nutrition, and education. Whether you’re hoping to lose substantial weight or are in search of an active fitness vacation, our award-winning weight loss program is designed specifically to encourage and empower you to achieve balance through fitness, nutrition, education, and relaxation in a supportive group environment.

You’ll build endurance through exhilarating group-oriented workouts led by certified trainers who will keep you positively motivated and challenged to surpass your own expectations. Through our informative and entertaining educational series, you’ll increase your knowledge about how to identify your body’s cues, unmask your personal triggers, and transform your relationship with food for life. After all, how you truly feel about yourself matters – and you hold the power to create lasting change!

At The Biggest Loser Resort, we make getting healthy and losing weight a sensible, achievable, and lasting lifestyle choice. Our hiking or outdoor activity program is unmatched, and taking in the fresh outdoors is a magical way to begin each day. The hiking program at each resort accommodates all skill levels.

• The Malibu hiking takes place in the Malibu hills and the Santa Monica mountains as well as on the beach of the Pacific Ocean, which offer some of the most breathtaking ocean views in the area. We offer one beach workout each week.
• The Niagara hiking takes place both on-site in the picturesque, 300 acre naturally scenic wonderland itself, as well as at Lecthworth State Park which features majestic waterfalls.
• The Chicago resort takes a different approach to outdoor activity incorporating the beautiful water reservoirs and wide open spaces located in the DuPage and Cook County forest preserves, where guests partake in nature walk/runs, high intensity workouts, and our newly created Trainer Outdoor Circuit (TOC).

Find out why the Biggest Loser Resort is considered the best weight loss program out there. Book your stay today!

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