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To successfully lose weight and keep it off, the most effective way to do this is by making healthy lifestyle changes.

Easier said than done right? You are understandably skeptical that a weight loss retreat can work for you because like most of our program guests you have made multiple unsuccessful attempts to lose weight, trying fad diets and extreme fitness regimes. With so much conflicting information out there it can be difficult to know where and how to start. This is where a weight loss retreat such as The Biggest Loser Resort Niagara comes into its own, our goal is to provide you with kickstart to your weight loss journey and provide you with all the skills to continue to lose weight when you get home.

We use the word journey because reaching your health and weight loss goals will take time, dedication and the mental strength to overcome challenges. We firmly advocate steady weight loss by practicing healthy habits which will result in you keeping the weight off.

What is a Weight Loss Retreat?

There are many different descriptions used include weight loss spa, weight loss camps, health spas and fat camps (which we really dislike). Every weight loss retreat is different but The Biggest Loser Resort Niagara provides a structured program incorporating 5 key elements, nutrition, exercise, wellness education, community and relaxation. You will be away from all day to day stresses which will enable you to focus on you and achieving your goals. During your stay you will be able to experience the setting and amenities at close quarters, participating in activities including hiking and pool workouts.

What’s Included?

Once you arrive at the weight loss retreat almost everything is included luxurious room, fitness sessions, meals & snacks, nutrition workshops, and life coaching seminars. Every detail has been developed with great care and attention, we appreciate everyone is different we will adjust our approach to you. If you have any specific dietary requirements, the meal plan will be adjusted and if you have any physical limitations, the workouts will be tweaked to ensure you get the most out of the session. Massage treatments and one-on-one sessions can be booked directly at the resort at additional cost.

What Will You Be Doing?

During your stay at our weight loss retreats you will go through a structured program covering the 5 core elements outlined above. All the classes, seminars and education sessions are mandatory – we are very passionate about helping you achieve your goals and we ask you to commit and actively participate 100%. Every session is led by a team of professionals who are knowledgeable, friendly, and caring and can give both group and individual attention to each one of our guests. Our mission is for you to succeed and our staff is there around the clock to help you to do so.

What Type of People Go to Your Weight Loss Camps?

You will be amongst similar people who have decided to make healthy changes in their lives and you are encouraged to build relationships for support. You never know when befriending others in such a positive environment that strives to change lives for the better can bloom into lifelong friendships.

Why Should I Attend a Weight Loss Retreat

You may ask yourself what are the benefits of visiting a weight loss retreat? A weight loss camp is the perfect place to achieve your health and weight management goals. People choose The Biggest Loser Resort Niagara for the simple reason that they have made a decision to live a healthier and more active lifestyle and need help accomplishing this task. The fact is, after a long period of neglecting one’s overall health, reversing the damage done to the body and mind is a difficult task for many people to accomplish and maintain.