We understand everyone is unique, and depending on the goals of your stay, be it weight loss or training for a race, your plan can be adjusted to better meet your individual metabolism to ensure you’re getting what you need to see maximum results. We care about portion size and the amount of calories — but we also place great emphasis on the quality of the food and when you eat it!

Food is Information for Your Body

Our weight loss program diet plan, specifically designed for the most effective health and weight loss results, by highly-experienced Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists, is developed as a Modified Elimination & Gentle Detox. Below are the key components of the plan:

  • Including whole, nutritious, unprocessed foods from organic, non-GMO and local sources
  • Excluding artificial sweeteners, food additives and preservatives, caffeine and alcohol
  • Limiting added sugars, fat, salt, gluten and dairy
  • A specific fuel/calorie number based on your individual muscle mass/BMR

The purpose of this type of food plan is to ensure your body is getting all the nutrition it needs during your stay and to lighten the load on the natural detoxification system of the body. This becomes overworked for many reasons, including unhealthy food/beverage choices and the environment we live in. As your body works to cleanse itself of excessive toxins and fat, it will utilize the nutrients from all the healthy food you’ll be eating to work more effectively toward repairing and detoxifying your body which in turn makes you feel better and lose weight.

*Meals and snacks will vary with seasonal variations in produce.

  • Eat Well and Enjoy It

    Beet Salad

    Designed by a dynamic team of world-class executive chefs, registered dietitians, and holistic nutritionists, you will enjoy expertly-balanced, delicious and nutritionally-dense foods that will fuel and amaze you.

    You’ll be giving your body the nutrients it needs to power through your days at the resort and you’ll simultaneously be prepping your palate for healthy eating when you return home.

    Each meal has been carefully designed with high-quality foods in a balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other micro-nutrients aimed to fuel your body and give you great energy to take on the days ahead.

  • Timing is Key

    To ensure you have enough energy to fuel your activity-packed stay, each day, you’ll enjoy 3 healthy and delicious spa-cuisine meals, 2 snacks, plus dessert with dinner.

    • Breakfast – Mixed vegetable omelets, Greek yogurt parfait and burritos
    • Mid-Morning Snack – Fresh fruit, hard-boiled egg nuts & assorted vegetables
    • Lunch – Turkey/avocado wraps, chili with corn bread, organic soups and salads
    • Mid-Afternoon Snack – Homemade granola nut bars, fresh hummus assorted vegetables and nuts
    • Dinner – Mahi-mahi with steamed vegetables, Hawaiian chicken bowl, chicken cacciatore
  • Healthy Eating at Home

    Chefs preparing a meal

    During the program, be prepared to learn things that will change your life forever. To maintain sustainable weight loss it is important to excite your palate. Our chefs perform informative cooking demonstrations; showing you how to create healthy meals and snacks at home and other food preparation tips!

    Our program will help you maintain your new lifestyle using key concepts, strategies and new skills you will acquire to eat healthier at home, including meal plans and practical ways to apply all you’ve experienced during your stay. Our experienced nutritionists, life coaches, and trainers will ensure you leave with a realistic, comprehensive plan for continued results and success at home!