Whether you stay for one week or three, our structured weight loss and wellness program is designed to be tailored to your own personal fitness level. A typical day at The Biggest Loser Resort Niagara may include starting the morning off with some light stretching and exercising followed by a healthy gourmet breakfast with fellow resort guests. Afterwards you can enjoy a refreshing outdoor hike, and then attend a nutrition fundamentals class that will help you continue living a healthy lifestyle for when you return home.

After you enjoy a delicious lunch, you will attend an interactive cooking demo with our Executive Chef. If you don’t think this sounds fun so far, then don’t worry. Afterwards there are aquatic games and trivia for the entire group! Spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing and meditating at a state of the art spa. In the evening, enjoy an elegant dinner prepared by our renowned chefs and cap off the night while relaxing in the hot tub.

  • Morning

    Woman performing yoga on hill

    7:00am: Breakfast

    8:00am: Buddy Meeting

    8:15am: Assessment Hike

    9:45am: Snack

    10:20am: Goal Setting

    10:20am: Trainer’s Choice

    11:30am: Lunch

  • Early Afternoon

    12:30pm: Nutritional Fundamentals

    12:30pm: Stayover Activity: Recovery

    1:45pm: Core

    2:45pm: Snack

    3:05pm: Cardio of the Day

  • Afternoon / Evening

    Ladies talking part in pool activities

    4:15pm: Fats, Carbs & Proteins

    4:15pm: Open Pool

    5:15pm: Dinner

Daily routines are tentative and may have some seasonal changes, but the core-concepts remain the same. You will learn what it takes to live a healthier and happier life.