Our certified life / wellness coaches facilitate in-depth workshops that will help you process and plan for a new mindset and break old, reactive thoughts, behaviors and eating patterns. Through our hands-on, in-depth discussions, guests will have an opportunity to dissect the reasons “why” they act or behave in a certain way and learn to develop a new skill set that is based upon a mindful approach to health and wellness, encouraging lifestyle and behavior changes.

The Biggest Loser Resort Niagara program fully integrates all aspects of Wellness including: Goal Setting, Planning Strategies, Wellness Topics and Discussions, Intuitive vs. Emotional Eating, Motivation and Vision Boards.

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    Goal Setting

    What is your goal? How do you set reasonable goals and what are ways that will keep you committed to achieving your set goals? What are your barriers or obstacles to achieving success while at The Biggest Loser Resort Niagara and transitioning back home?

    This workshop sets the foundation of the program to identify why strategic goals are so important to your health and weight loss goals, how to set specific, tangible goals and prepare for the week’s program goals and challenges.

  • Planning Strategies

    How will you implement new strategies when you get back home? How will you keep motivated to stay on your plan, while living life? This hands-on workshop allows you to create and manage your own personal plan and strategy to keep your plans into motion until they become a lifestyle and automatic behavior.

  • Wellness Topics

    What is Wellness? What are the dimensions of wellness that keep your life fragmented and thus unprepared to handle the complexities of stress, fear, or anxiety? How can you turn your fears into hope? This workshop delves deeply into whole body, mind, and spiritual Wellness and how you can identify the triggers that enable unhealthy vs. healthy and empowered choices.

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    Intuitive vs Emotional Eating

    How does emotional eating sabotage your health and wellness? Learn the difference between intuitive and emotional eating and the coping skills necessary to make choices based on physical hunger, not emotional hunger. This workshop identifies types of emotional eating and you will learn ways in which you can identify your personal emotional needs and use healthy resources to support you rather that using food to cope through life’s challenges.

  • Motivation

    Why is motivation such an important aspect of your health and wellness goals? What will keep you motivated to keep to your plan of success. How can motivation change your natural reactive patterns into a more holistic practice and use your motivational resources to keep you on track? What are your motivational resources and how can you tap into those resources when challenged with stress, anxiety and fear? This workshop utilizes several different modalities to teach, instruct and integrate a thought-provoking lecture to encourage and empower an individual’s quest for sustainable and lifestyle change.

  • Vision Boards

    This hands-on workshop teaches the importance of identifying a new vision for your life and wellness goals. Through a guided meditation/vision practice, guests focus on a renewed vision of life, body image, wellness, energy and focus. Guest’s identify their “why” and create a Vision Board to help bring to focus and align their dreams, thoughts, and intentions through a pictorial vision board.

  • Coaching

    One-on-One coaching sessions and program after-care coaching are available for individuals that require additional help to make long-term, sustainable, lifestyle changes when returning home. Individuals sessions can be booked during or after the Biggest Loser Resort Niagara program, or packages can be created that incorporate Wellness, Nutrition, and Fitness Coaching.