Regular exercise is essential for sustained weight loss. Without it, only a portion of your weight loss will come from your stored fat. An effective exercise weight loss plan will fire up your metabolism, burn fat, and significantly improve your chances to keep the weight off.

We all know that a weight loss exercise plan will help you slim down but sometimes knowing where to start can be confusing. There are endless possibilities available when starting a weight loss exercise plan but it is important to note that certain exercises are more effective than others. A key goal of The Biggest Loser Resort Niagara’s weight loss retreats is to give your fitness a kickstart and set you up for sustained success. Many weight loss programs focus primarily on diet, not us – we take a holistic approach to weight loss incorporating nutrition, exercise, education, relaxation and community. For many, this is an aspect of our program they find the least appealing because they are concerned about feeling anxious that they won’t keep up with other participants, worried about how they look while working out and generally concerned about their fitness levels.

  • The Start of the Exercise Weight Loss Plan

    Your weight loss journey will begin with a cardiovascular and strength assessment which can be performed at home or when you arrive at the resort. The assessment will involve movements such as squats, crunches, sit-ups, push-ups along with a jog or walk at a challenging pace for a defined distance and amount of time. The purpose of the assessment is to help our staff establish your baseline fitness level and will help you monitor your progress. You will repeat the same exercises you carried out during your strength assessment after 4 days to demonstrate to you how much your strength and fitness has improved. You will be truly amazing by the progress you will make after just 4 days!

  • How Will You Monitor Progress?

    As well as the fitness assessment we will take measurements from your chest, stomach and hips, we also use a body composition analysis machine called an InBody. While it may look like just a fancy scale it actually gives us detailed insights into your body composition of fat, lean body mass, minerals, and body water. We will explain to you what all the measurements mean and at the end of the week we will take all the measurements again, talking you through the changes in the results.

  • Adults at Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

    Types of Exercises You Will Be Doing

    Each class runs for an hour, the first 15 minutes are dedicated to teaching you how to move your body properly so your workout is efficient and keeping you safe from injury. Each class starts with a warm up and ends with a cool down stretch, during the class you will be closely supervised to explain the movements. Our weight loss exercise plan incorporates interval training – through rigorous activity we bring you heart rate up and right back down. Research shows that interval training to be highly effective for weight loss because this method expends much more energy and burns more calories. During your stay we make working out lots of fun and we expose you to a variety of classes and activities including pool workouts, interval training, kickboxing, spinning, yoga, cardio circuits, hiking, and nature walks (weather permitting).

  • Exercise Tips For When You Return Home

    To incorporate exercise part of your lifestyle you need to enjoy it. If you perceive it as a chore than it’s unlikely you will maintain it for very long. When you are The Biggest Loser Resort Niagara you will get the opportunity to explore a whole range of activities so you can find the ones you enjoy and do them when you return home. You don’t need a gym and hours of free time to exercise, you will learn simple ways to add fitness into to your busy day. You’ll leave knowing how to exercise as efficiently so you can build your own weight loss exercise plan for when you get home.